Friday, May 11, 2007

we have done a lot in the past couple of days! sorry about the lack of posts and also the lack of pictures but after driving all day and then getting into the hotel at 9ish, eating something for dinner and then getting ready for bed, we are pretty much exhausted.

i thought we would be having a lot of downtime after we get into the hotel. no such luck. being on the road and crossing so many different time zones, you start to lose track of the time and days. so this is from may 8th.

so let's see, in between eating tandoori sizzler doritos and spicy heat doritos, both with A&W, we drove from Brandon, Manitoba all the way through Saskatchewan (which is pretty boring to my eyes. all flat prairie and not much else) to Drumheller, Alberta where the world's largest dinosaur lives!

when we got there, we drove straight to the dinosaur and what did we see? a giant dinosaur surrounded by construction equipment. crap!!! so we walked around, took some pictures and debated whether or not we should just drive on to calgary or stay the night in drumheller and get up early in the morning and see if the dino was going to be open.

we decided to stay. and we lucked out! we went in to the gift shop, paid, got our dinosaur hand stamp which was good for the entire day and we could go up into the dinosaur as many times as we liked until 5.30 that evening! awesome!

we walked over to the entrance to the belly of the beast( actually we were walking into his right leg) and started to climb the stairs. a few minutes before we got there, i saw a mom and two little kids going into the dinosaur. as we were climbing the 108 stairs to the gaping maw of said dino, there came the mom and two kids down the stairs. the first one had a look of terror in his eyes as he passed us and the second was covering one ear and his eyes with his arm and holding his mom's hand with the other hand. it was about that point when the recorded dinosaur roar happened right around the next turn (his right thigh).

we made it to the top without running back down scared but that was soon to be changed. once we got into the actual mouth of the beast, we could see out and started taking pictures. that's when the wind started to pick up. and when the wind picked up, i mean it started to blow really hard and constant. that is when we noticed the head we were standing in was shaking!

now, i hate heights. but i love dinosaurs. but not enough to stand in a dinosaur's head as it is being battered about by winds strong enough to shake it. so we set up my camera to take a timed photo, ran down into the open mouth and ran back up to the sturdier deck where the shaking was less. we were hoping that the wind would die down so we could enjoy the view of the Canadian Badlands but no such luck. it seemed to be be blowing faster and harder as we stood there. so we went back down.

i wanted to go back up again a couple times just because i could, but i figured that amanda would probably get annoyed and we also had to get back on the road.

next update from me will include: Calgary! Canadian Rockies! Iceland Parkway! Edmonton! Meeting Jordan and Dallas!

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