Saturday, May 26, 2007

right now, we are in ukiah, california. we're about 2 hours from san francisco. our plan for today is to drive back an hour to leggett to drive through a tree, then head back down to SF.
yesterday, took about a billion AMAZING pictures. we stopped high up on the california coast and climbed some rocks to check out some tide pools. then we stopped a bunch of times in redwoods national/state park.
i guess i'm just going to post a bunch of pictures. they should explain our day pretty well.

coast and tide pools:



madeinalaska said...

Hey - My hubby and I stopped at some brewer in Ukiah that had some AMAZING Beer + vegan grub.. hope you have time to check it out!
great photos by the way!
take care and again drive safe!

Anonymous said...


suzy said...

oh how i miss northern california, especially san fran! i was jealous when you sent me that photo text michael! be sure to explore the city and have a great time! i want more stories and photos of portland since i have never been! your trip thus far looks fun!!

Linda Bassett said...

Hi Michael - I was just talking to Kay Shelton from Avid Medical (she misses you!) and she told me that you had a blog of your vacation so she shared it with me - hope you don't mind. Anyway, what great pictures - this must be an amazing trip - what sights you've seen!! Hopefully you'll remember where you work.... talk to you then,
Linda Bassett

dad said...

you have some great pictures mike.we are all waiting for you to come home.!! love dad