Tuesday, May 29, 2007

san francisco!

from ukiah we drove back up to the redwoods so that i could drive the car through a tree. yep, we drove an hour north, paid 5 bucks, waited in line for 5 minutes and then i drove through. went into the gift shop to see what crazy stuff they were selling and then headed back south to san francisco.

as we were heading into san francisco, i noticed something that looked like storm clouds in the distance. i pointed it out to amanda and she said 'oh that is probably just the fog.' what do you mean, 'the fog?' she then looked at me like i had 3 heads and she told me to stop joking. i said i was serious and didn't have any idea that san francisco was foggy. no one ever mentioned it to me! not one single person.

there were some other things that we did in san francisco but i am going to make another post for that.

salt lake city is pretty mormonrific. i don't remember the whole reason why they decided to stop there next to a lake that they couldn't drink the water. doesn't make much sense to me.

we found a vegetarian place that leaned more towards vegan so we were pretty excited about that. i got some sort of burger and amanda got a philly cheese sub. we brought her car over to get the oil changed and while we were waiting we ate our sandwiches. now, granted, we really shouldn't be complaining about vegan food in the middle of america but the sandwiches were not that great. they both had patties made out of corn or something like it. they were not the best we have had and they were not the worst meal we have eaten either.

last night we stayed in laramie, wyoming. it was a bigger town/city than i thought it would be but still pretty small. there was a health food store and some decent coffee shops and also a vegetarian restaurant that had an okay selection of vegan options. the waitress we had sounded very southern and she also seemed to be annoyed when we asked for things to be made vegan. we said it with smiles even though we had not had any coffee yet!
i ordered the farmer's market sandwich and amanda ordered the falafel. mine was on wheat bread with avocado, cucumber, granny smith apple, tomato and lettuce. i don't remember if it had any kind of dressing or not. it was pretty good. amanda's falafel was better than the ones she gets in new york, which doesn't surprise me one bit. at least this place in the middle of wyoming knows not to put ranch dressing on a falafel.

nebraska is almost as boring as saskatchewan. but at least there are some trees and the grass is a bit greener. the sky is really big and blue and filled with lots of puffy clouds. the road never seems to end.
we are now stopping at a wagon rut rest stop.

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vwam said...

They stopped next to a lake you can't drink because God said to!
And he told Brigham Young, and Brother Young said "this is the place" and then there they were, with all their wives, and then there was a million crickets and a giant flock of seagulls came and saved them. The End.