Monday, May 07, 2007

Trying to post while you're trying to get out a hotel room as early as possible is difficult.

long story short, we're in st. cloud, minnesota. yesterday we got through the rest of illinois, wisconsin, and the beginning of minnesota. today, we're aiming for medicine hat or thereabouts.

canada is big. really big. i thought we were going to get much further, but i think i misjudged exactly how big canada can be.

anyway, we saw our first elk yesterday outside of minneapolis. that was neat. the scenery is starting to change. it's becoming slightly less flat and a little more... i don't know... rolling prairie? i'm excited to get up into the mountains. we should be there tomorrow.

we also ate our first hotel-cooked meal. brown rice with black beans and mangoes and salsa and avocado. so good. we have pictures, but we haven't uploaded them yet. one of us will do that tonight, i think.

ok, gory's getting out of the shower and i think i was supposed to be cleaning up instead of getting on the computer.

off we go!

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Anonymous said...

green pants no underwear what is that?????? disgusting