Thursday, May 24, 2007

portland is full of vegans. tons of them. and restaurants, stores and all sorts of vegan things. it's kinda crazy to be able to go into places that are vegan and see other people there. back in providence it seemed that when i was able to go to the only vegan restaurant in town, my friend and i were the only ones there. that might be why it closed. anyway...

amanda and i arrived in town the other night and headed for Herbivore: the house. we are staying with our friends josh and michelle, their super adorable daughter ruby and their awesome dog george.

we have been trying to fit in as many things we can in the small amount of time that we have here. so far this is what we have done:

we walked a couple of blocks to brunch at vita and had some super good food. i got nachos and some broccoli mac and cheese and amanda got a breakfast burrito. i think we are going back there this morning to try out some more food! after we ate we walked over to Herbivore: the store. we looked around at all the stuff we wanted to buy, amanda bought some things and then we left before we bought more stuff. she will probably buy more today when we go back. i will probably buy some things too. amanda got so many compliments on her hooded zippered sweatshirt that i think i need to get one.

after Herbistore, we got in the car and headed downtown to check out Powell's bookstore, get some vegan soft serve and hang out with amanda's friend melissa who was super nice. we three went over to the Portland japanese tea garden and looked around. it was very nice and authentic as the sign said.

our next stop was to meet up with another friend from the ppk, jdfunks, for dinner. at a pirate themed vegan restaurant. it was pretty good, we were the only people there so the service was super fast and the food was good. it was just a bit pricy for what it was. and there was not enough pirate talk for our tastes. he didn't even ARRGGGGH! or YARRRRR! once. kinda disappointing. amanda did get a crazy good peanut butter shake though!

next stop on our whirlwind tour was to head to jd's house to watch the Lost season finale. she made lost themed snacks that were super tasty. a couple more ppkers showed up a little later, suzytofumonster and tommy2gears. so far everyone has been super nice and it has been great to meet everyone.

i am going to go play blocks with ruby now.


taryn said...

that restaurant closed because it took them like an hour to serve you a bowl of soup.

millie said...

found you! googled "vegan travel blog" and what do you know? glad i got to see you during your too-quick portand visit. come back soon!! -melissa

jess (of Get Sconed!) said...

I am going through tandoori dorito withdrawal!
You guys were so very enjoyable and thanks for being geeky and watching lost with me. Come back to portland anytime!