Monday, May 14, 2007

we got here yesterday afternoon after staying at a skanky "motel" in beaver creek, yukon territory. we got a "suite." i think that means it had a door. barely. the cool thing about being so far up north is that the sun never goes down. i took some pictures friday night and last night. since i couldn't really get the clock and the window in the same picture, i took photos of the clock first, then outside.

last night:

last night, my mountain man uncle made us some yummy vegan food: spagetti with onions, red peppers, zucchini, yellow squash, herbs, and olive oil. after living mostly on doritos and root beer, it was nice to have some real food.

our plan for today is a cruise down the chena river. we may or may not be leaving tomorrow. we need to get my oil changed and we wanted to see the town a bit. next stop: olympia.

some more pictures:
sign post forest in watson lake:

kluane lake:

i forget the name of this lake...


madeinalaska said...

wow you guys are making hey...
which way are you headed when you get to tok? To Fairbanks or Anchorage? I have done the drive from Haines to Anchorage MANY times! LOVE it!
Take care drive safe - and welcome to Alaska.

Anonymous said...

Amanda....I'm so jealous. Witching hour twilight is so rad. I got to get up there soon. You should burry something at a random alaska highway milemarker and then when i get up there i'll see if it's still there!
it would be sick!

keep on truckin'

suzy said...

yay! you guys made it to alaska!! woo hoo! nice pics of the lakes and the clocks and what not. keep safe!

esme said...

m.i.a. - we're heading from fairbanks down to denali, across the denali highway, then back up to delta junction. or do we meet back up with tok? wherever we meet back up with the alaska highway is where we're headed. we're hoping to stay in whitehorse at some point, so that we don't get stuck in beaver creek again. we both want to come back up here at some point. i really wish we had the time to drive around the state. i'd love to see anchorage and seward and homer.

frankjohn! i will totally buy something today and leave it somewhere,

vwam said...

when are you getting here?

jess (of Get Sconed!) said...

you guys are bringing me tandoori doritos, right?

esme said...

vwam, i think sunday or monday. i should have a better idea for you tomorrow evening.

yes, jess! i will bring you a big bag of tandoori doritos! believe it or not, we're getting dorito'd out.

vwam said...

Let me know, I need to plan my cupcake baking!