Saturday, August 25, 2007

I finally finished putting all of our photos in chronological order and got them all labelled.

You can find the First 2 Weeks here

The Final 2 Weeks here

And The Videos here

Thursday, August 09, 2007

ok so it's been a couple of months since either of us have posted, but i think that we're (or at least i am) ready to start writing about some other stuff that has gone on this summer.
first off, the end of the road trip. we were exhausted, but totally giddy with the thought of everything we had seen. we took over 2,000 pictures between the two of us. even after deleting blurry ones or repeats, we still had close to 2,000. i have been putting them in chronological order and as soon as i finish that, i will post a link to them. i was getting through them at a fairly decent pace and then just started getting tired of photobucket taking FOREVER to do stuff. so, anyway, that's that.

i have taken a few trips to the jersey shore this summer. one of my absolute favorite places to go is ocean city, nj. i've been going every year for the last 9 years and i went for a few years when i was much younger, but there were a couple of years where my family tried some other places around jersey and eventually, we wound up back in OC. they have, by far, the best mini golf choices in new jersey. here are some of the places i love:

pirate golf:

monster golf:

and the haunted option at congo golf:

ocean city also has some really great vegan food options. the bashful banana is probably my favorite place. they have tofu scramble burritos and vegan muffins in the morning, veggie burgers and sandwiches for lunch and dinner, and vegan baked goods and banana "ice cream" for dessert. it's really a lovely place. one morning, i had the tofu scramble burrito and an apple cinnamon muffin:

there are also scads of chinese restuarants around. but my favorite is the szechwan garden on 9th street. If you like mock meats, they have some really great stuff. There is also a middle eastern restuarant (also on 9th) called Katina's that has some amazing hummus and falafel. just make sure to ask them to leave off the "special sauce" which has yogurt and cheese in it.
here's a picture of the hummus. i would have gotten a picture of the falafel, but, well, i ate it.

there's also the lunasea market on 10th and West. It's a small place, but they have always been really well stocked with anything you would find at a larger health food store.

a couple of weeks ago, i was in lavalette, nj. not a whole lot of vegan options in the area, but there are plenty of pizzerias where you can get some pasta. boring, i know. but it's better than nothing. or you could just go to the supermarket and make your own food. i don't mind.
anyway, the moon was really great my first night there:

the second day there, the bay side of the island flooded. there was an amazing storm that came through and it just poured and thundered for hours. for some reason, the beach was totally calm, though. i think because the wind never really picked up.

i spent last weekend hanging out with michael up in providence. i got to play around with the fireworks setting on my camera. fun!

on saturday, michael made homefries and blueberry/blackberry pancakes for breakfast.

on sunday, michael took me to the garden in the woods in framingham, ma. so.many.turtles!! and lots of fun. except for when we saw the snake. snakes squick me out pretty badly, so i had to run away screaming like a little kid. oh well, we saw lots of neat stuff. including caterpillars of the cecropia moth. which is the largest moth in north america, apparently. the caterpillars are HUGE and green and have knobby little yellow and orange... um... knobs... on their bodies. at the garden, they are kept protected in cloth bag-things until they cocoon.

on monday, i spent the morning walking around michael's yard taking pictures of all of the pretty flowers in the garden.

monday night, we made pizza and lolo tester green bean salad.

so that's pretty much where we're at right now. i'm heading back up to providence next weekend, so hopefully, i will have something to update from there.

in the meantime, you can see some of the pictures from the trip in my etsy store. while you're at it, feel free to buy some cookies or a picture or something.