Sunday, May 06, 2007


we drove from new jersey to illinois yesterday. left around 8 or 8.30 and got here around 9ish. not a bad stretch for our first day on the road, eh?
i woke up this morning around 4 or 5. i need to work on sleeping in later. i think i just was too excited still! i have a whole container of rootbeer floatcake cupcakes to eat still!!!!

amanda is out of the shower now so i am going to go shower and then we are going to see my grandfather and uncle for a bit. then after that we are heading back out on the road headed towards minneapolis and points north!

when we logged on to the internet this morning, we couldn't get on using the hotel's free wireless so i searched around and found one that worked entitled 'curious cup.' the name made me curious so i googled it and found out it was a local coffee roaster/shop! yay! good coffee! and we could see the shop right from the hotel window. so i went over and got us some fancy froofroo drinks. i got a soy cappaccino and amanda got a soy vanilla peppermint latte. very tasty.

when i update next, i will post the list of birds we have seen so far on the trip. we saw a bald eagle in ohio yesterday!

okay, off we go to visit with family and then amanda wants to chase a tornado or something.


JordanPattern said...

Oh god! You guys are actually on the road! That means I have to clean the guest room, I suppose...

Also, if you happen to get a chance before you get here, could you pick me up some rootbeer extract? I can't find it anywhere, and the floatcakes are taunting me!

Lolo (VeganYumYum) said...

yay illinois! my incredibly flat home state! except for the non-flat south part, which i have never been to.

glad you guys had a good first day!

esme said...

jordan, we'll look for rootbeer extract. i'm not positive, but i think we might have passed all of the amish farm-y type places which is where you can find that stuff. if we see any, though, we'll get you some.