Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Tandoori Sizzler Doritos. yum.

being vegan, which means not eating any meat dairy or basically anything derived from an animal, i have not had a Dorito in ages. Hey, just because i don't eat animals doesn't mean i don't love the junk food.
Recently, i had the luck to come across some Sweet Chili Doritos which happened to be vegan. ate the whole bag. there is no other tortilla chip that has the same crunch as a Dorito. things like that are very important in junk food. you know it's not good for you so you might as well fully enjoy it, right? right.
So the Sweet Chili were good. not saying they weren't. but last night when amanda went into the store to see if they had postcards she came back out and said 'i need my purse. they have Tandoori Doritos!' she came back out with a bag of Doritos in one hand and a bottle of A&W Root Beer in the other.

We proceeded to devour the bag and drank half the bottle of root beer. Those chips were so good we drove around and found another store and bought two more bags for the road!

A side effect we found while eating and drinking these two in combination is that it makes you burp without warning and extremely loud. it was pretty awesome.

off to take a shower now and then head out on the road to Calgary.

i keep forgetting to bring my camera cable into the hotel room so i have not had a chance to upload photos. i promise that i will bring it in tonight and start posting some pictures!

brief tally of animals we have seen:
bald eagles
various hawks
a bajillion red wing blackbirds
2 magpies
a porcupine!
baby cows
a couple cats
a quail!
a steer with giant horns like on boss hogg's car

okay. off to shower for real.


Jenn Varley said...

Hi Michael....I have been reading several times a day....I guess living vicariously through you! I hope you two are having a wonderful time...hurry up w/ the pictures!! Have fun...didn't see anything posted about a birthday celebration...?

suzy said...

you BETTER start posting some photos soon! I have never been across the country and into canada via your route so i am curious as to what you are seeing!! hope you had a fun birthday and are having a blast!

RV Amy said...

Hi from another (transitioning) vegan blogger. I heard several years ago that BBQ Fritos are vegan. Can you confirm?

Great blog!

m. gorhon said...

rv amy, we will check on the BBQ Fritos! We saw some BBQ Doritos and thought they were vegan. bought them and then did a double check and they were not. Amanda will be excited to hear about the possibility of these fritos!

jeremy said...

according to PETA (http://www.peta.org/accidentallyVegan/VeganShoppingQS-Snacks.asp?Category=Snacks) 'I Can't Believe it's Vegan' BBQ Fritos are vegan.