Monday, May 21, 2007

amanda and i arrived in vancouver yesterday and met up with our friend 'vulchy' from the forum we are on and had a super great lunch. it was raining but i guess that is what it does in vancouver in the spring. it was a pretty nice city from what we could see through the rain and fog. i would like to go back there sometime and see more of it.

after leaving vancouver, we headed for the border and the border police asked amanda if she had bought any food and she said yes.

doritos. lots of doritos.

our next stop on the vegan trans-north america express was olympia, washington to meet yet another friend from the ppk forum, vwam.

we got to her house and met her and her kids and her cats and guy friend. amanda and i were both hopped up on caffeine so we needed to eat something stat! luckily, vwam had made a super delicious stew that hit the rainy caffeinated spot oh so perfectly. we stayed up and chatted for a while eating cupcakes and then headed to bed.

today amanda and i got up and did vwam's dishes because we promised her that if she made cupcakes we would do her dishes. or actually i promised and amanda was nice enough to help me.

as we were doing the dishes, i started to clean the french press and while taking it out of the holder it jumped out and smashed itself against the wall, most likely because it knew that amanda and i had been drinking gas station coffee for the past few days and that we most likely did not appreciate how wonderfully it pressed and brewed the coffee for us this morning.

so of course, our first stop was at the local target to buy a new press for her to replace the broken one. after our trip to our first olympian target, we drove over to our first national park on the trip. Mount Rainier.

it was so freakin awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

so green!!!

and the trees were so big!!!!

and we saw a stellar's jay that was so beautiful and blue!

and then it was snowy!!!!!


suzy said...

michael, you have to let me know how you like the northwest...really!

vwam said...

I shoulda skipped work and gone to Mount Rainier with you. It looks so pretty! And thanks for the coffee pot, I don't even miss the old one! <3
Sorry about the toilet paper.