Wednesday, November 07, 2007

tonight i wanted to give you all a reason (or several) to go and pre-order joanna's yellow rose recipes from herbivore. i was a tester for joanna and i have to say that i loved pretty much everything i tried and i know that there wasn't anything that i disliked. and joanna's seitan is the only seitan i can get to work consistently for me. it's awesome. and the mustard crusted seitan is one of my all time favorite things. i love that everything in the cookbook is quick and easy and something that didn't make me want to die because i had to make it after work and didn't wind up eating until after 8. nope, joanna's stuff was ready and into my belly within an hour. i really don't think there's much in there that would take longer than that. and all of the recipes are very supermarket friendly. there is nothing in there that you can't get easily. the most "exotic" thing in there was tvp, as far as i remember. it's a really great book and i'm really happy that joanna let me test for it. i'm so excited for it to come out! onto the porn...

the infmaous mustard crusted setitan with bonus sesame green beans on the side. i think this is my favorite meal from the book.

the most beautiful chili you've ever eaten

minestrone soup

baked samosas with mint and mango chutney

goddess salad

corn salsa and spinach dip. i actually ate all of the salsa before my guests came over for the birthday party i made this for. oops.

tofu marsala

artichoke pesto


joanna said...

thank you, sugar booger!

i have never put the lemon artichoke pesto on spinach linguini before!! why have i not done this? they are made to be together!

kelly said...

it's killing me waiting for this book and you are not helping things!!!