Tuesday, November 13, 2007

things i am enjoying as of late:

-the vitasoy holiday flavors. i blew through the summer banana chocolate and strawberry banana flavors in july and august, but i got some holly nog and chocolate peppermint and i can't stop drinking it! silk nog can bite me. holly nog has nutmeg. nutmeg! the world's most perfect spice. and warm chocolate peppermint after work? whoa boy. warm chocolate peppermint brings me to the next thing i like...

-soyatoo. i really only ever liked whipped cream on hot chocolate anyway, so the soyatoo has not been hanging around my house for long. i like to make a small cup of hot chocolate in a huge mug and fill the rest of the mug with whipped cream. and when i'm out of whipped cream? refill!

-baked ziti. see below? 'nuff said.

-candle 79. remember when michael and i went to millenium? remember how we felt like jerks for not really liking it? well, candle 79 kicks millenium's pasty vegan ass all over the place. i should have known that east coast would trump west coast any day. speaking of, i liked their seitan piccata so much that i made my own tonight! see?

-caper berries. i wish i had taken a picture of my piccata from candle 79. so that, one, i could show you side by side photos of mine vs. theirs, but also so that i could show you the caper berry that was on top of the dish. i like capers. i figured one gigantoid caper would be awesome. i popped it in my mouth, bit down and got a mouthful of brine. i don't recommend that. what i do recommend is cutting it up into bits and eating it with dinner. yump!

-olives. i always hated olives. i tried all kinds. black, green, kalamata. i tried canned, jarred, those fancy ones at the "olive bar" at the supermarket. bah, then katie jane put them on pizza when were in chicago. and... i couldn't stop eating them. i still can't eat them plain. and i still only like kalamatas, but it's a start!

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