Saturday, November 10, 2007

my first experience at an all veg restaurant was at veggie heaven in parsippany, nj. i went with my friend paul, who was the first vegan i knew and who was my inspiration to become vegetarian and eventually vegan. actually, the very first vegan food i ate (barring naturally vegan things like fruits, veggies, grains - that kind of thing) was a boca burger at paul's house. it was gross. and i'm still kind of iffy about boca.

anyway, paul used to drive me home from school. instead of bringing me right home, we would go to the photo store and buy a couple rolls of film or ten, go out and shoot them, then grab dinner at veggie heaven. from there, he would either drop me back off at my house or we would go into new york for a movie or something. actually, paul was the first person i went into the city with that wasn't a parent. it was very exciting. we would drive to hoboken (hoboken!) then take the path (the path!) into the village (the village!) and go to the movies. we were very very cool.

the first thing i tried at veggie heaven was the sweet and sour veggie chicken. i loved it and i used to get it all the time. from there i moved onto general tso's veggie chicken and from there i bounced around the menu before settling on my current favorite: veggie chicken with black pepper sauce.

so, hooray for paul for introducing me to veggie heaven and veganism in general and for showing me that it wasn't so hard.

old vs. new, sweet and sour chickn meets chickn with black pepper sauce.


melissa said...

hey paul was the first vegan i knew too. and veggie heaven my first veg restaurant, but i think it was with joe, not paul. i actually only hung out with paul briefly when we were like 13 and i thought his friend doug was cute because he kinda reminded me of billy corgan but then all of the sudden he was in paul's closet making out with jill chanes. UGH. but ANYWAY! yay paul, and YAY YOU for being a vegan inspiration to ME! also i think i will try your ziti sometime later this week. oh yeah, and tracey lives in hoboken now so it is definitely not cool anymore.

melissa said...

oh yeah one more thing: this made me laugh today

esme said...

hee! bork.

i'm trying to figure out who doug is... i have someone in my head, but i have no idea if he's a doug. and i have no idea why someone would make out with jill chanes.

lemme know what you think of the ziti!