Wednesday, November 14, 2007

things that i'm picky about:
tomatoes - if they're going to be raw, they must must MUST be de-snotted. michael had never heard of de-snotting a tomato before he met me, but he also never heard of san fransisco having fog, so what does he know? anyway, de-snotted and chopped small. that's the only way you're getting them in my mouth.

peas - i only like fresh peas. like, right off the vine, fresh. otherwise, keep them away from me. my dad is always astounded that i don't like peas.
me (picking peas out of my food)...
dad: dont you like peas?
me: no
dad: i thought you liked peas!
me: i hate peas. i have never liked peas. we go through this verbatim every time you put peas in something.
dad: oh. i could have sworn you like peas.

raw onions - i don't dislike raw onions, but i can only handle small amounts at a time. i get a headache if i eat too many. i think it has something to do with my sulfur allergy.

olives - see yesterday's post. long story short, i like kalamatas. in stuff.

raisins - evil evil bits of evilness.

grapes - see raisins. also, i like green grapes. michael once asked me if i was in kindergarten because i said i like to eat green grapes with peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. jerk. i can fit 36 grapes into my mouth at once. true story.

grape flavored things - gag. they taste like purple. and purple is not a good flavor. gag.

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