Monday, November 19, 2007

my dad's birthday was yesterday. we went to see one of the after dark horrorfest movies and afterwards, he came to my house for some dinner. i made one of the meals out of the voluptuous vegan by myra kornfeld:
amaranth-studded cornbread, cranberry relish with apples & pears, sweet dumpling squash (i used gold nugget squash) with chestnut stuffing and lima bean gravy, sauteed haricots verts with horseradish, and fennel, orange, & pomegranate salad.

despite all the yummy sounding names, everything except the salad was kind of blah. i guess i should have been forewarned - lima bean gravy is about as good as you would expect something called lima beans gravy to be.

but the salad was fantastic. and my dad loved everything, so i can't say the dinner was a bust or anything.

for dessert, a litterbox cake, originally mentioned by joanna on the ppk.


Gledwood said...

...looks well yummie!


Anonymous said...

is those worms?

amy said...

i know those cakes taste good, but...i've lived with cats. eating litter, ewww!

happy day after day after day.