Friday, October 02, 2009

Next Time I Say I'm Out of Food, Punch Me

vegan mofo is back!
this year, i'm trying to make as many meals as possible with stuff from my cabinets. i think i'm going to do ok, no?

stay tuned for posts featuring things from my cabinets and freezer, with a few trips to the farmar and regular supermarket thrown in for some fresh veggie action.

since jess asked what other people have in mind for this year's mofo, i'm going to go ahead and post the ideas i had....
using cookbooks i don't use nearly enough, using ingredients i rarely use (if ever), and using ingredients that might have a neat back-story (the history of amaranth, anyone?) all while trying to stay with my goal of using up the items in my cabinets.

since i flaked yesterday (worked late AND got a haircut!), i'm considering this my first mofo post and will post more later tonight.

happy mofo-ing everyone!

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Bex said...

I did a bit of that last MoFo. Over time I just accumulated so many random bits. Now my pantry is a teeny box so I have to do a frige and pantry clear out weekly.