Monday, October 05, 2009

Mofo #5: Let's Show the Vegan Food Etsy-ers Some Love, Shall We?

i started selling cookies on etsy about 2 1/2 years ago. when i started i was one of the only shops out there selling vegan baked goods. type "vegan" and "food" into the etsy search bar now and whoa... lots more. lots lots more. which is awesome.

tonight, my top 3 vegan food etsy-ers. need a foodie gift to send to your vegan-mocking omni co-workers? keep these guys in mind.

1. Sweet Fritsy: whimsical cupcakes, chocolates with killer flavor combinations, donuts, candy. unbelievable.

2. The Cupcake Mint: new jersey represent! lemon amaretto buttercream? triple chocolate heaven? chocolate raspberry?!? YES PLEASE!

3. The Chocolate Muffin: cakes, pies, cupcakes - oh my!


Jenny said...

I love etsy, and for some reason, I've never once thought of looking for vegan treats there. Thanks for the heads up.

baby nursery bedding said...

OH! vegan in etsy?!