Wednesday, April 25, 2007

we're getting into the single digits. 9 days to go.
mostly, i've been cooking. a lot.
this is what i've made so far:

empanadas from veganomicon

samosas from joanna with mint cilantro chutney and lolo's mango chutney

banana-date scones (also from v-con)

and thin mints from our friend lisa

i still need to make lolo's lemon cranberry muffins and picnic sandwich, cranberry orange muffins, cherry almond muffins, joanna's soft oatmeal cookies, and the eggplant muffalatta from v-con (although i think i will have to change the eggplant to zucchini for gory). and that should be it for food. oh wait. i'm also making some granola and trail mix, but i can throw that together in a couple of minutes. oh and cupcakes for gory's birthday. right. then i'll be done.

9 days to go.



henngal said...

wow! i don't cook that much when i'm home let alone travelling! ;o)

how are you transporting all this food and keeping it fresh?

hennagal said...

DOLP. hennAgal. still on my first cup of coffee ;o)

esme said...

almost all of the stuff is shelf stable or doesn't need to be refrigerated. for the stuff that does, we have a decent sized cooler. in my experience, you need to get ice every other day in order to keep stuff cold.