Friday, April 20, 2007


how to pack, what to pack, what not to pack. these questions have been going through my head for the past couple of weeks as the trip has been inching closer and ever closer. most of my recent packing has been for weekend visits, just a few clothes in a bag and off i go. prior to that it was a bicycle camping trip. that packing involved getting the most amount of stuff into two pannier bags and a rack attached to my bicycle. whatever i could carry on the bike i could bring, if it didn't fit, leave it at home.
packing for a month-long car trip from one side of north america to the other and back again is a whole different kind of packing. i have so much more room to bring things! books! video games! kites! my bowling ball even! i could even bring a video projector if i wanted to!
so now, with all this extra room at hand, i almost have too much space. i only own 2 or 3 pants, a couple shorts and lots of shirts. how often do i want to do laundry? how often do i do laundry now? not that often. i found a nice little packing list and it even comes with check boxes to mark off what i have packed so i don't forget anything. check boxes are very important. i tend to be in the habit of packing things i don't need and forgetting to pack things that i do need.

yo-yo's are much more important than maps anyway.

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