Wednesday, April 18, 2007

17 days to go!

My car has been given the go-ahead for cross country travel. So if it breaks down, I’m calling the dealership and telling them to come get us. And then telling them to pay for whatever’s broken. And then making them get us a rental car so that we can finish up. Or something.

AND I got my passport. Good god. I know everyone talks about their passport picture, but seriously, this is the worst picture I have ever seen of myself. I look beyond dead. I look dead, buried, dug up and then kicked a few times. Scary.

Ok, so with only one food shopping trip left before leaving, I need to figure out what kinds of food we’re taking with us. Because we’re vegan. If we don’t bring our own food we will, in fact, starve to death. I know that I get very very cranky when I get hungry. I don’t know if Gory does, but I’m guessing yes.

Our buddies on the ppk gave us some ideas for road trip food.
So far we’ve got:
lots of fruit.
easy veggies like baby carrots.
dried fruits
trail mix
tings and other crappy stuff that we'll eat within an hour and will make us feel crappy.
stuff for making hummus.
pre-made hummus since I won't have the patience to wait for homemade hummus.
lots o water.
tofutti cream cheese.
peanut butter
marshmallow fluff (yes, relax, the vegan kind)
cans of baked beans
Luna bars
vegan marshmellows
instant coffee
clif bars
instant soup
instant oatmeal
tortilla chips
muffins and scones
rice and quinoa mixes in a microwave bag
any kind of “pocket” food: samosas, calzone-y type things
cans of soup and chili
cans of beans

I plan on making muffins and some scones and then the pocket type food, but I don’t want to make too much. I don’t really think we’d have a hard time eating it all before it goes bad, but I worry about stuff like that.

We’re bringing my mini food processor so that we can make hummus and we have a hot plate so we can cook at night.

We got the book Apocalypse Chow by Jon Robertson. Everything in it looks good (and vegan), so hopefully we’ll use that. I’m freaked out by canned vegetables, though, so I guess we can sub some fresh veggies for canned ones.

This weekend is supposed to be beautiful in Jersey, so I’m going to be cleaning out my car. Yay!

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