Sunday, December 02, 2007

ok, so vegan mofo is over. i thought i'd continue with something a little different for december.

my idea is to blog about things i like to do, places i like to buy from, things i like to make around the holidays.

today, i'm going to plug etsy for animals. i just joined today. every month, efa donates to a specific charity. members also donate on their own. so yay! pugs ! check it out! and buy my chocolate chip cookies from the efa store or you can buy rumnog cookies or pignoli cookies from my shop. they're pretty much my three favorite cookies. and i'm donating 100% of the price (minus etsy fees - which is, like, 50 cents - and shipping - which is usually a bit more) to the monthly charity.


melissa said...

oh my god, those choco chip cookies look like cartoon cookies. like an adorable (and undoubtedly delicious) cookie caricature.

kelly said...

i'm a member too, you reminded me that i need to donate some pins to the shop, or figure out how to?

ps- those cookies look a amazing!

esme said...

if you donate stuff that's already listed, you can just send them a link and they'll tell you when they put it up so that you can take it down from your shop.

you have to add some other stuff. if you don't have what else you need to include, let me know and i can forward it to you.

trina said...

Oh pignoli cookies. ( I can't figure out how to type my tone of longing for MY favorite cookies and admiration for you for making them vegan.) Thank you. I guess I need to get myself to Etsy.