Monday, March 26, 2007

just testing this out.

6 weeks to go before we leave!

looking at maps makes me sleepy...


Katie said...
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Katie said...

Sorry. I had to delete my first comment because I said I did your layout instead of I DIG your layout. Ahem.

I'll just repeat myself:

omg I love your socks! You're going to be in Portland?? When?


esme said...

you would love my socks even more if you could see the whole sock. they have eeyore on the front! woo-hoo!!

i'm not sure when we'll hit portland. sometime during the second or third week, so... between may 16th and may 26th? is that specific enough for you?

seriously, when we're on the road, we'll be able to give everyone a few day's heads up. and we plan on being in portland for a few days, so we'll let you know when we're in town.

Katie said...

Eeyore socks! I need a pair of those to go with my Eeyore pajamas next time I decided to get locked out of the house and attacked by geese.

I'll keep tabs on your trip. May is just around the corner!

Gigi said...

Congratulations on deciding to take this trip--especially as a vegan. Wonderful... I'm a lacto-ovo-pescatarian. I'm afraid to go completely vegan because I feel that I won't get enough protein. I'll go bald! Any advice? I did buy a few packages of seitan and tempeh. It's good. Do you have any good protein ideas? Please let me know. My friend is a Best Travel Blog contestant as well. I'll let you know how she does. By the way, I LOVE the veg lifestyle and all it represents. Please help with your protein ideas....I'll keep reading. Good luck and happy traveling!!!